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The exodus from complacency begins with passion, with being personally invested in our endeavours and their outcomes. Even during what may seem like an uphill battle, the commitment to a labor of love sustains itself far better than any other motivation. The road may be rocky, but we believe in the human spirit, and in its ability to endure all manner of hardship when imbued with its raison d'être.

The Ikigai Project non-profit is focused on helping realize their potential. 

Passion, while a powerful internal motivator, and intensely personal, does not simply appear ex nihilo. It is something cultivated and nurtured, realized only through the process of experimentation and introspection. It is that personal journey towards self actualization that we at the Ikigai Project are called to support. 

We are in this together,  just as a river and its banks define one another, so too are we inexorably connected to one another. Our cultures and environments, the concepts we hold, the languages we speak, all of these shape who we are and what we believe is possible, what we choose to pursue. And so to realize our goal of helping people fulfill their potential, we look to create environments and systems that support their personal journey.

Our inspiration, and namesake, comes from the Japaneese concept “Ikigai”, a term meaning “ones reason to wake up in the morning”. It struck us that if more people were aware of their Ikigai, and empowered by it, that the world would be a better place.

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Our latest project: IRL/EVR is a mobile app designed to promote prosocial behavior, build communities, and empower individuals. We believe that given support, guidance, and opportunity, all of us are capable of fulfilling our passion

Discover more about IRL/EVR below 

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